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200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel
200 Watt 12 Volt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel
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The Renogy 200W Lightweight Monocrystalline Solar Panel enhances module efficiency while minimizing its weight. It is the perfect option for any off-grid solar system, especially for transportation applications such as RVs and boats. This solar panel frame features a lightweight substrate and laminate, perfect for outdoor applications. This solar panel combines high efficiency (PERC) monocrystalline solar cells with half-cut cell technology to improve electrical performance and power generation efficiency. This panel comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, solar connectors, and a junction box that allows easy and fast installation.

【High Power Output】

The Renogy 200W Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel can provide an average of 1000 Watt-hours of electricity per day (caculates with 5 hours sunlight).

【Easy to Transport, Carry and Install】

The solar panel suits most curved surfaces as it is bendable within 240 degrees. It weighs only 1/2 of the rigid panel and presents an all-black glare-free appearance.

【Industry-leading Tech】

It is equipped with half-cut PERC cell technology that enhances solar light capture and electrical performance, therefore improving the output efficiency.

【Reliable and Durable】

This solar panel accomplishes with IP67 rated waterproof junction box and solar connectors. Withstand up to 5400 Pa of heavy snow load and up to 2400 Pa of high wind.

【Reliable and Durable】

This solar panel accomplishes with IP67 rated waterproof junction box and solar connectors. Withstand up to 5400 Pa of heavy snow load and up to 2400 Pa of high wind.

【Ready for Installation】

The panel comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and 12 AWG 27.6in long solar connector cables for quick and easy installation.

Key Features

Perfect for Curved Surfaces
  • It works with most curved surfaces as it can be bent within 240 degrees.
Reliable & Durable
  • This Renogy Solar Panel can provide an average of 1000 Watt-hours of electricity per day (depending on sun availability). It offers 5-year material and workmanship warranty and has passed the CE test. This solar panel frame features a lightweight substrate and laminate, perfect for outdoor applications
Extreme Weather Endurance
  • Withstand up to 5400 Pa of heavy snow load and up to 2400 Pa of high wind load. Provide excellent durability in a harsh environment.
Safety Protection
  • When there is no sun exposure, the diode prevents reverse current flow from the battery to the solar panels, to avoid current damage to your solar panels.
Ready for Installation
  • This Renogy solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes for quick installation. Besides, it can also be bonded to the surface by using silicone adhesive or velcro. The solar connector cables are 12AWG 27.6 in long without worrying about length limitations.
Waterproofness and Extendibility
  • The IP67 rated waterproof junction box and solar connectors ensure that water and dust will not enter during extended outdoor use. Cables attached on the back with Solar Connectors are ready for connection and extension.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please submit a case.

Package Includes


Renogy 200W Flexible Solar Panel

Renogy 175W Flexible Panel

1 x


Maximum Power at STC*: 200W Cell Efficiency: 22%
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.9V Operating Temperature: -40℃- 80℃
Short Circuit Current: 10.74V Dimensions: 63.2x29.4x0.1
Optimum Operating Voltage: 20.1V Weight: 10.8lbs / 4.9kg
Optimum Operating Current: 10.02A Panel Leads (Pair): 12AWG/27.6in
Maximun Series Fuse Rating: 600 VDC UL  

Warranty Information


25-year power output warranty: 5 year/95% efficiency rate, 10 year/90% efficiency rate, 25-year/80% efficiency rate

5-year material and workmanship warranty



Sunpower 100W Mono Solar Panel Warranty

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  • 5
    lightweight and efficient

    Posted by EMANON on Jul 1st 2023

    Excellent product. Slightly more expensive than other flexible 100w panels but it is MUCH better. I have placed mine on top of my motorhome, which was relatively easy to do. One small criticism is that there is o ly a very small space around the sides of the panel which makes it a bit tricky to stick down with the tape I use. This is a meagre niggles though, another 1 inch would of been plenty. It harvests around 20-25w on a very cloudy/rainy British day, which is superb and better than my other panels. On a sunny day with the sun directly above it will harvest pretty much upto 100w - which is again way better than my other panels. Really superb for any solar panel, let alone a lightweight flexible one such as this. I'm super pleased with it, and am about to order another 4 for the van roof! Really superb quality product all round. Well done Renogy üëè

  • 5

    Posted by M. A. Coburn on Jun 24th 2023

    Charging up to 110w when the sky is clear, so a little better than advertised. Normal light charging rate is 40 - 60w, which is enough to charge my power station during the day, run a fan and charge a few standard usb power banks. I use relatively little electricity, so it brings my electric bill down to about 60p, usually less, a day (including the standard charge).. I run a laptop, fan, e-bike and a few other bits off this panel alone. It’s only really the fridge and lights that run off the mains. For around £100 for this and £250 for a decent power station you can power a lot of your home….but i guess if you watch a lot of TV you would need better gear.The panel is decent quality. I’ve got mine strapped to a velux window. My home is just a place I sleep and dump my stuff so I don’t care about unsightly leads, these are really meant for caravans.

  • 5
    Boat installation Bayliner

    Posted by Boat on May 29th 2023

    Installed on my Bimini, they are working great. Great customer service.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Swan on May 17th 2023

    Purchased 2 200 watt flexible solar panels. They are very good ones. I have a Ecoflow Pro generator and 1 battery for 7200 watt hrs to power all my electrical needs while traveling across the country for my medical profession. These panels charge my generators very fast and I never have any worries. I love my new panels from Renogy and would definitely recommend them.

  • 5
    Flexing with my flexible solar panels.

    Posted by Brunswick GA on May 6th 2023

    I bought this panel as additional dolar on my boat. I wanted a panel that i could move around b on the foredeck to give me extra power at anchor. I stow the panel when sailing. It is up and running and giving great output. I would buy another one if needed. Renogy were great to buy from. Easy b to orxer and fast and efficient delivery.

  • 5
    Discreet Game Changer !

    Posted by Allan Poole on Apr 10th 2023

    Absolutely top quality bit of kit , even in weak sunlight this Renogy 200w Solar Panel coupled up with my Renogy 50A DC-DC Battery Charger with MPPT has kept my starter and house battery charged up all winter , and never did l have to worry again about whether my van would start on a cold wintery morning again 🥳🤙

  • 5
    Versatile 100W Solar Panel

    Posted by Ben Acheson on Feb 22nd 2023

    Genuinely capable of yielding the advertised 100W.It's robust and flexible. Slightly larger than expected - but an excellent product, small enough to be used as a portable solar panel.Some solar panels offering 100W and above have an open circuit output voltage that's slightly too high for smaller power banks (power banks around 300 Wh or less), so they trip out the power bank. But this gives you 100W without tripping out your power bank.You can connect to any power bank that has a DC 5.5mm input - just use an MC4 to DC 5.5mm converter cable.No voltage regulator needed! You just need the panel, your power bank and the convertor cable and then you can easily set it up anywhere.You can leave this outside, it's fully waterproof. (Your power bank obviously needs to be in a watertight and sunproof container if it's outside).I've tested lots of panels - and this offers the best balance of quality, power, portability, strength, flexibility with a low enough open circuit output voltage to be compatible with small or large portable power banks.Highly recommended, buy with confidence.

  • 4
    The flexible solar panel 100watt go for at least 50% higher

    Posted by alice fisher on Oct 31st 2022

    The edges need protection.A plastic or rubber seal to fit all the way around the panel. Cable ties for hanging up . I am going to ge a bag to carry it in .I think you should have extension solar cables 6-10 metres to add in line. + 2 pairs of solar connectors .

  • 5
    Fits the inside windscreen of a VW 1978 bay campervan perfectly!

    Posted by queenratty on Oct 30th 2022

    Have got this rigged up in our 1978 VW bay campervan. It fits across the inside of the windscreen perfectly so it doubles up as curtains! We just put the sun visors down to keep it in place.It's mega lightweight so we can move it around the van without issue. It keeps us and the tunes running for days and tops up the leisure batter a treat.Thoroughly recommend.