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Now PORTABLE GEARS go anywhere.
Renogy makes it easy for anyone to go solar with a new line of portable solar gear. E.FLEX solar panels, solar battery chargers and maintainers, and Phoenix portable power stations, make it easy to have power anywhere. These innovative systems require next to no knowledge of solar or electricity and are compatible with most electronic devices. All that’s needed to get them up and running are plugging them in and turning them on.
Take control of your own energy.
Renogy enters the home backup power market with LYCAN.
As home energy costs skyrocket and power outages become more frequent our customers are increasingly asking for residential storage solutions.Enter the LYCAN 5000 Power Box. This powerful all-in-one energy storage system is designed to supply power during outages in grid connected homes and power off-grid homes. It’s fast charging with powerful output and large capacity to give you the peace of mind of backup power.