• What size lithium leisure battery do I need?

    We recommend adding all the device wattages used daily and dividing this number by 12V to get a rough estimate on the amount of amperage needed per day.

  • Why are Lithium Batteries so expensive?

    Lithium batteries are higher in price because the chemistry of the cells have a longer life cycle compared to AGM and GEL batteries and they can be fully utilized to be drained 100%. The upfront cost may be higher, but with the life cycle 3x as much as regular deep cycle batteries long term these batteries are actually more cost efficient.

  • What is a BMS?

    The BMS stands for Battery Management System and safely protects the lithium leisure battery from being used/charged during incorrect conditions.

  • Can I mount my leisure battery 12v in any position?

    Yes leisure battery 12v can safely be mounted in any position.