• Are solar chargers for me?

    Solar chargers are a great option for those needing to charge small devices while they’re on-the-go, camping, or living off-grid. The Renogy E.Flex10 monocrystalline portable solar panel includes two carabiners that can easily attach your panel to a backpack while hiking and four suction cups for easy mounting on vehicle windows. We also have panels designed specifically for gate openers and security cameras at home. Our solar bluetooth speaker is great for playing tunes at your campsite and our solar backpack is capable of keeping your smaller electronics charged with its integrated 5.6-watt solar panel and 5V USB charging port.

  • What other accessories do I need to purchase with my power station?

    Solar chargers are a great option for those interested in keeping batteries and small devices charged, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. Our portable solar panels are also great for home applications and can be used for gate openers and security cameras.