• 1. What is the purpose of a starter kit?

    The main purpose of these kits are simply to recharge and monitor a 12 volt battery bank.

  • 2. Can I run my DC loads off the solar panel or controller?

    No, all DC loads should be connected directly to the 12 volt battery bank.

  • 3.What is a PWM controller?

    PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. PWM controllers have the more basic charging feature in the sense that they mainly just drop the voltage coming from the panel to charge the batteries. This drop in voltage equates to a loss in wattage, causing a 75-80% efficiency.

  • 4. What size battery do I need for my starter kit?

    For our 100-watt and 200-watt kits, we recommend a minimum 12-volt 100AH battery and a 12-volt 200AH battery for our 300-watt and 400-watt kits.