• 1. What are the advantages of roof mounted solar panels?

    Having your solar panels on the roof will protect your solar panels from being stolen when you are away from your solar system. A roof-mounted solar system will allow for quick and easy recharging of batteries, no need to deploy panels as they will be producing power when weather conditions permit.

  • 2. What are the advantages of a suitcase panel?

    Easy Installation, no holes on the roof, no leaks. Able to position the suitcase to maximize solar production, angling solar panels may increase solar production by up to 40%. Easier expansion as suitcase can be strung together in series or parallel as long as they purchased without a pre-installed charge controller.

  • 3. Why should I add solar panels to my RV?

    Adding a solar system to your RV can be beneficial. It allows you to recharge the house batteries without the need of shore power and run AC appliances while on the road.

  • 4.Can solar panels power my refrigerator 24/7?

    Yes, with the right solar system you can run your refrigerator 24/7. We recommend using a DC refrigerator to limit power consumption.