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Renogy is a renewable energy company that prides itself on supplying the highest quality solar and LED products on the market today and for the future. Renogy supplies solar panels for homes, businesses, and recreational vehicles. Each Renogy product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards, while still keeping in mind that our customers appreciate a great value. That is why Renogy products are not only rated as highly efficient, but are also kept at a low price to provide customers with the most cost effective solar energy solutions. Renogy Solar Panels are crafted according to the needs of each customer, and as our business expands, so will the product options. Whether you need an energy solution for your home, commercial property, power station, or even boat or RV, Renogy can meet- and exceed your standards. Customers are very important to this company, and we will do everything possible to make sure your experience with Renogy is superior. We would greatly appreciate your time in taking our online survey, since our marketing department reviews each one individually.



A Brief Company History

From the bayou of Louisiana to the heart of southern California, Renogy has been serving customers across the United States for several years. Renogy LLC started as a small project among students at Louisiana State University and with the help of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center has grown to be a healthy and flourishing company. We started small and greatly appreciate all of the help and support from the university, customers, and hardworking employees. 

Renogy Residential and Commercial Products

Renogy is a renewable energy company that consists of three branches- solar, LED technology, and biomass. This company strives to supply high quality products that are affordable, so everyone has greater access to clean energy. As a vertical supplier of solar panels, solution provider of LED lighting, and implementer of biofuel energy, Renogy develops advanced technologies to drive down the costs of clean energy, making it economically viable for millions to harness nature’s power. Currently, Renogy’s essential sector is in solar technology, but in 2011, the company began supplying LED lighting solutions as well. At Renogy, we believe that changing human energy consumption practices through educational seminars and product installation will help avoid a global climate crisis in the future. While at first glance Renogy may appear to be just another energy company, we are not. We have a higher commitment to serving our customers’ needs, and that commitment is unmatched by our competitors. We strive to provide unmatched customer service that extends well beyond our finished products and into every aspect of your energy needs. We provide high quality solar panels for homes, commercial solar panels, marine solar panels, RV solar panels, and residential solar panel kits.

Renogy Personal Electronics

The world is moving quickly, and Renogy would like to stay ahead of the curve. People do not just stay in their homes. They are creatures of mobility, change, and direction. So why would Renogy limit their product options to large, bulky solar panels? Customers no longer desire nor need to leave their commitment to the environment at home. Rather, they are striving to bring their commitment with them wherever they go, even in exciting, unconventional places.


So on that next hiking trip, go off-grid with Renogy’s full line of personal solar products, designed to make life easier and more adventurous. Go deeper into the woods, explore that national park, or just be prepared for an emergency with smaller solar panels, solar phone chargers, and solar flashlights. Renogy shares the same love of the great outdoors. Life is an off-grid adventure, and Renogy is here for every twist and turn.