• How does a solar power station work?

    Our portable power stations are like a solar battery, charge controller, and inverter all built together in a portable, easy-to-use module. Designed with convenience in mind, portable power stations can be charged via solar panels, a wall outlet, or a 12v auto socket. Simply connect the power station to one of those energy sources, and you’ll be able to plug in and power your appliances.

  • Is a solar power station right for me?

    Solar power stations are perfect for those with smaller energy needs, need power on a camping trip, or just need access to back-up power in case of emergencies. Portable power stations eliminate the need to worry about extra inverters, batteries, or wiring. It’s all included. Plus, they’re a great, portable option, making it easy to take your solar power from home to RV to car. If you have steady energy needs or live off-grid, we’d recommend purchasing one of our solar panel kits.

  • What other accessories do I need to purchase with my power station?

    Our solar power stations have a charge controller, battery, and inverter built in, so all you need to purchase are solar panels. You can connect up to three 100w solar panels to the 300w Lycan Powerbox.