It all started with SOLAR PANELS.
Renogy began in 2010 as a project of our founder Dr. Yi Li when she was a student at Louisiana State University. It started as just a small business offering only a few models of solar panels on eBay. Today, Renogy has grown into a renewable energy industry leader with more than 20 options for solar panels, from the classic 100W to the powerful 550W. Renogy’s panels come in many different sizes and formats to power off-grid adventures from boaters to campers and homeowners. Renogy panels come in rigid, flexible, portable and even solar suitcases so you can be energy independent, anywhere.
Make solar accessible with SOLAR KITS without the guesswork.
As the popularity of solar was booming with RV enthusiasts, they were stuck doing hours of research only to find overly complicated systems that were too challenging to install. So Renogy set out to make solar easier with pre-designed “plug and play” kits designed to meet the varied energy needs of almost any RV or camper. The kits come with all the components and connectors to take the guesswork out of choosing and installing a system. No longer do customers have to fret over how many panels or what cables they would need for the system. Renogy’s complete kits provide everything to power adventures on the road.
Larger capacity. Higher load. Waterproof. Going big on CHARGE CONTROLLERS.
Renogy went big on R&D in 2014 to design the next generation of charge controllers to give customers the options they need for their varied energy needs. The following year Renogy launched a line of 6 innovative charge controllers for every type of system from 12V to 48V. The more advanced MPPT modules are added to the industry-standard PWM occupied product line. The powerful new models give customers the freedom to add more solar and provide more power to make every adventure great.
Now PORTABLE GEARS go anywhere.
Renogy makes it easy for anyone to go solar with a new line of portable solar gear. E.FLEX solar panels, solar battery chargers and maintainers, and Phoenix portable power stations, make it easy to have power anywhere. These innovative systems require next to no knowledge of solar or electricity and are compatible with most electronic devices. All that’s needed to get them up and running are plugging them in and turning them on.
BATTERY storage completes the system.
Generating solar power is only the first step to true energy independence. To have clean renewable power available even when the sun isn’t out, you’ll need to store energy in batteries. In 2015, Renogy added deep cycle batteries to its product lineup. Then in 2017, Renogy added lithium to its battery selection to include every type used in renewable energy applications, including AGM, Flooded, Gel, and Lithium. Renogy’s high performance batteries can provide power storage in RVs, vans, boats, and off-grid homes.
INVERTERS complete your all-in-one system.
Every off-grid system requires an inverter to provide plenty of usable energy. Inverters are the final piece of your all-in-one system, converting the energy you produce to the type of power the lights, devices and appliances used in your van or RV. Renogy provides complete solutions to power your off-grid adventures with inverters ranging from 1000W to 3000W that support 12V system.
The customer asked and we delivered! BATTERY CHARGERS for a worry-free adventure.
A Renogy customer made a comment online after purchasing our DC-DC on-board battery charger: "It's the best feeling to have my house batteries full while I am driving." The worry of having a less than full battery can trouble any off-grid traveler. From small single battery bank systems to large, multi-bank rigs, Renogy has the DC-DC and AC-DC battery chargers and maintainer components to maximize the power of your solar system without the worry.
12 years with Renogy,
2 years with POWER PLUS.
Renogy launched the Renogy BT app to support the needs of our Bluetooth enabled modules back in 2016. But we soon realized that providing data and information with the app was not enough. In 2020, as we entered our second decade in business we wanted to do more, so we launched the DC HOME APP. The new app provides real-time monitoring for your entire system and connects Renogy customers with fellow off-grid enthusiasts so they can share information via Power Plus community.
Take control of your own energy.
Renogy enters the home backup power market with LYCAN.
As home energy costs skyrocket and power outages become more frequent our customers are increasingly asking for residential storage solutions.Enter the LYCAN 5000 Power Box. This powerful all-in-one energy storage system is designed to supply power during outages in grid connected homes and power off-grid homes. It’s fast charging with powerful output and large capacity to give you the peace of mind of backup power.
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Find your energy freedom.
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