Refer-a-Friend Program

Renogy’s Refer-a-Friend Program is a win-win for solar advocates and their friends. Solar users that sign up for the program and share their referral link get a 6% off coupon code after their friend's first purchase. Friends that use the referral link save 6% off* their first order.

Renogy User Experience Program (UXP)

The Renogy UXP is the newest program catered to you. We are looking for Renogy users of various backgrounds who wish to provide their honest reviews from packaging to product use on exclusive Renogy products, both existing and upcoming. Participants will receive substantial discounts, and feedback is for internal use only; participants do not have to post their reviews publically on any platform.

The program caters to users interested in purchasing the product announced. Users receive a substantial discount (or, in some cases, a partial refund) in exchange for their honest review. This in-depth feedback is for internal use, with guidelines and specific questions provided by Renogy. Participants do not have to post their reviews publically on any platform.

Sign up using the link below, and fill out the questionnaire to receive information on the latest products available for testing. Participants that sign up are automatically part of the program’s selection pool. From there, each product available for testing will have its own set of selection criteria; users will need to answer questions to determine eligibility. Each product announced will have a different set of standards, allowing all participants a chance to provide their honest feedback.

We are looking for members with both existing solar systems and those that are inquiring about solar. Participate in one of our testing periods and receive a generous discount at product purchase, or in some cases, a future purchase or a partial refund.