12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Self-Heating Function

12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Self-Heating Function
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The Renogy Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery enables the auto-balancing among parallel connections and provides more flexibility for the battery bank configuration. The integrated battery management system (BMS) not only protects the battery from various abnormal conditions but monitors and manages the charging and discharging process. The state-of-the-art battery cells ensures an extended cycle life and exceptional discharge performance. With built-in intelligent self-heating, the battery is rechargeable even in low-temperature conditions. If you’re searching for a deep cycle battery for caravan, cabin, or marine use, then this lightweight, auto-balanced, ultra-safe, long-cycle-life lithium battery is the perfect plug-and-play solution for you!

The Rover charge controller are fully compatible with this battery. If you have any questions regarding this product, please submit a case..

Terms and Conditions of £1 Renogy ONE Lightning Deal:

1. The promotional products offered herein are subject to the same warranty terms and conditions as our standard products. https://www.renogy.com/content/files/Manuals/Warranty.pdf

2. In the event of any defects in the product, warranty claims shall be processed in strict compliance with our standard warranty policy. Should the Renogy ONE M1 be found defective and out of stock, with no possibility of replacement, the seller shall issue a refund of £1.

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● The normal operation of the self-heating function requires a stable charge current greater than 4A for each battery in the parallel battery bank. The self-heating function will not be able to operate normally if a PWM charge controller or a small current battery charger is used to charge the battery at low temperatures.
● Please secure all cable connections to the proper specification in order to ensure good contact between the cable lugs and the terminals. Over-tightening cable connections can cause terminal breakage and loose cable connections can cause terminal meltdown or fire.
● DO NOT string the battery in series. ONLY connect batteries of the same manufacturer and model in parallel.
● Please avoid too high a voltage difference between paralleled batteries, despite the auto-balancing function, to avoid triggering the over-current protection.

Key Features

  • Connects multiple batteries in parallel safely with the auto-balancing function to meet the power and energy requirements of different system setups.
  • The battery management system (BMS) provides comprehensive protection to the battery and manages the charging and discharging process.
Uncompromised Quality
  • The state-of-the-art battery cells ensure an exceptional lifespan of more than 4000 cycles (80% DOD), up to 100A continuous discharge current, and a wide range of operating temperatures.
Communication Port
  • The communication ports enable the communication between connected batteries, external devices, and host computers.
  •  The intelligent self-heating feature keeps the battery charged in cold environments.

Minimum 12V Lithium Battery Bank Sizing

The following are the minimum battery quantities to operate Renogy power inverters. This is ONLY for 12V applications.

Battery Bank Qty/ Inverter Size50Ah100Ah170Ah
700W 1 1 1
1000W 2 1 1
2000W 4 2 2
3000W 6 3 2

Package Includes

12V 100Ah Smart Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery w/ Self-Heating Function

1 x


Activation switch and bolts

1 x


Rated Capacity: 100Ah Insulation Resistance: 500V DC, ≥ 10 MΩ
Operating Charge Temperature: 32~131°F/ 0~55°C Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 50 A
Operating Discharge Temperature: -4~140°F/ -20~60°C Maximum Continuous Discharging Current: 100 A
Voltage Range: 10~14.8 V Communication PortRJ45 (RS485 Protocol)
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Storage Temperature: -13~149°F/ -25~65°C
Connection Method: Parallel Cycle Life (0.2C, 25℃): ≥4000 Cycles @ 80% DoD
Dimensions:11.4 x 6.8 x 7.4 inch / 289 x 172 x 187.5 mm Weight: 26.2 lbs. / 11.9 kg
Certifications: UN38.3, MSDS, UL1642,UKCA,PSE,FCC (Lithium Cell) 
Protection Rate: IP54  

Warranty Information

Accessories 5-year prorated warranty


Renogy Smart 
Li Battery 12V 100Ah





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Easy to install

Larry Boswell on May 19th 2023

On time or early arrival. Very well packed. Functions as expected.

as advertised

Ted Warner on May 19th 2023

I installed 3 of these in my MH and they have performed very well.

my second one

Ternence on May 18th 2023

Good power and size for the cost. Would buy again but bigger.

do the job

Vic Malachi on May 18th 2023

I have been using this to run my Garmin Livescope UHD 93sv and navigation lights. Will power it all day without a problem. Its light weight and does the job.

nice battery

Raymond on May 18th 2023

Very powerful battery for its size, helps alot with all the power im drawing from my subs and affordable

pretty little guy

recofans on May 18th 2023

This this is a little terror, I was hesitant to buy, but it does just fine. It is also hooked up to a battery isolator and when the main battery dies this battery has no problem starting my truck.

feel the power

joey on May 18th 2023

I purchased this item to run car audio in my car needed a back up battery due to the vehicle I drive this is a awesome battery it was able to handle all the base

Boondockers Delight

Zip_ca on Aug 30th 2022

I purchased this battery for my ePro travel trailer. It has worked flawlessly for over a month in its travel across 5 Canadian Province's. Installed it in RV battery lock box to protect my investment.